Month: October 2022

The Last Thing That I Ever Wanted to Write

Myra and I dearly loved the opportunity to provide a place in Gloucester County that was– as stated above the door to the world’s first library– a “Healing Place For the Soul”, and it breaks our hearts to have to close the doors on our dream, but that’s the reality of what’s happening.

Random Words Bookstore is closing.

It’s a difficult choice for us, and one made even more so today, after having such a wonderful group of children– our most beloved customers of all– here for Story Time. In the time since we made this decision, especially when Mom or Dad sat with a little one to read, it’s been especially hard, knowing that we won’t be here to promote and encourage something that is so desperately important for children of all ages.

We put it off for as long as possible, but unfortunately it can’t be put off any longer.

All of the activities that we’ve had, or were going to have, are now stopped. Story Time had its last official meeting today, although we still gladly encourage anybody to come by whenever we’re open; we love to see you in the store, especially the little ones. Book Club is cancelled, as is the book signing that we had scheduled for later this month.

We won’t be offering gift certificates for sale from this point on, but all gift certificates that have already been purchased will be honored as long as we’re open.

We will still be able to do certain special orders, at least for the time being, but they will have to be considered on an individual basis; if you have something that you want us to get for you, please reach out to us as soon as possible.

Any vendor, author or consignor with books or products here at the store, please contact us or come by so that we can get your books and/or merchandise back to you and settle your account.

All of the stock and fixtures in the store are for sale.

The times that the store will be open will be a little erratic from here on out: some days we’ll be closing earlier than we have been; some days we’ll be open longer than we have been.

Basically, if the “Open” sign is lit, we’re open and you can come on in. I’ll try to keep the schedule posted here, but I don’t make any promises.

We don’t know right now how long we’ll be open; there are a lot of things that are still being worked out.

Don’t think for a moment that we haven’t enjoyed every second that we’ve been here. This store was a dream come to life, and we were thrilled and honored to have been able to provide the county with such a place as it’s come to be. We just wish that we could’ve done more.

Please come by and help us honor the store.

Please don’t be surprised or offended if there are some tears.


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