Month: May 2022

Book Club

The first meeting of our new Book Club will be on Friday, June 3rd, at 6:30 PM.

It will be at this meeting that we establish a regular schedule for subsequent meetings and pick our first book to be read by the group.

Come on out and join us, and hey, bring a friend!

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Operating Hours

We’ve changed our store hours to be closed on Sundays.

In an emergency, please call the store phone, and if we’re able, we’ll do the best that we can to assist.

Additionally, we will be opening for limited hours on select Sundays, either for holidays or to serve those customers who don’t have any other time to shop with us. We’ll keep those dates published on this page and on our Facebook page, so keep an eye out for those.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

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Online ordering

You can now support Random Words even when you’re not in our area.

Whether you’re on vacation and need the newest release for the beach, or you live in another part of the world, when you shop through our store on this website, a portion of every purchase that you make goes directly to us.

Tell your family.

Tell your friends.

Tell your enemies.

Tell that weird guy who sits in the corner of the break room muttering to himself.

Stop people on the street and make sure that they know.

Support small business. Support a dream.

If you missed it above, here’s the link again:

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Adult Book Club Seeks Cool New Name

We’re looking at starting up the Book Club for adults.

The first meeting will likely be a ‘meet-and-greet’, with the attendees figuring out a regular day and time for future meetings, as well as small things like what books to read and who’ll be bringing the doughnuts.

Book clubs for the teens and kids to follow…

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Not for the Casual Collector

Don’t forget that we have some of your less commonly found items as well, things that may not be for the more casual collector. That Sam Clemens volume, I’ve seen similar copies go for three or four hundred dollars, and that 1884 copy of Heidi… Well, this isn’t a mint copy, but I’ve seen mint copies selling for six thousand dollars. Let me say that again: I’ve seen mint copies selling for six thousand dollars.

These aren’t quite so pricey…

If you’re interested, c’mon in, and we can talk about it.

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